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A premier metal fabrication service provider, specializing in stairs, balconies, and integrated industrialized construction design and delivery, offering customized, high-quality solutions that seamlessly combine functionality and aesthetic appeal.

About Method building systems

Our goal is to streamline ubiquitous building systems, making them quick to design, efficient to fabricate and install, and easily integrated with other building components. We are dedicated to developing systems that bring value to building occupants and the environment, all while maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement.

Modern Construction Begins with a Method

Our name draws inspiration from the idea that continuous improvement is made possible through a deep understanding of the baseline process, or method.   We believe that one of the core issues plaguing the construction sector is its entrenchment in the prototype development phase of product creation. The potential for improvement is often lost in each new building cycle, as new participants and systems hinder repetition and reinforce a single, linear flow of design data. Our products aim to preserve and consistently enhance a methodology.
The name also references the computer science definition of a ‘method’—a procedure that receives parameters and acts upon the state of an object. We see numerous parallels between good software design and good building design, and we employ custom-built applications for many of our operations.

Systems Based Approach

Our approach is inspired by software development principles, focusing on modularity and well-defined interfaces. It allows us to:

Through this systems-based approach, we enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration across the entire product development and manufacturing cycle.

Our Projects

A brief history

Method was founded from the merger of Gjertson Metalworks, a steel fabrication company based out of Boulder, CO with a reputation of providing quality craftsmanship on high end residential and commercial projects, with VIFAB, Ltd a commercial stair design and development company.

Our Founders

Aaron Rutledge

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron is a leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technology and manufacturing industries. He has a proven track record of introducing innovative products and driving transformative change.
As the former CEO of CorTek, Inc., Aaron played a crucial role in successfully launching the CorTek Core, now marketed as RediCor by Nucor, Inc. This product revolutionized the construction of stair and elevator cores by replacing on-site construction with high-quality, off-site produced stackable modules.

After CorTek, Aaron joined IHS Markit as a technical lead, where he developed cutting-edge banking applications using advanced web development technologies.

In 2018, Aaron founded VIFAB, Ltd. to streamline the design, fabrication, and installation processes of building systems. VIFAB combined vetted designs with software automation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Passionate about improving efficiences, building technology, and advancing construction practices, Aaron actively contributes to the progression and improvement of Method Building Systems. He continues to seek advancements in manufacturing, web development, and automation, leveraging technology to solve complex problems and make the industry more efficient.

Steve Gjertson

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Steve, the mastermind behind Method’s efficient operations and the driving force behind our dedicated team. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Steve is a seasoned craftsman known for his unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality designs. Gjertson Metal Works played a pivotal role in Steve’s journey, as he founded the company over 15 years ago, establishing it as a reputable name in the field of architectural metal work. His exceptional skills have graced numerous projects throughout Colorado, showcasing his unparalleled expertise and attention to detail. From collaborating with fine home builders and architects to partnering with contractors, Steve has established a diverse clientele that relies on his vision and precision. When he’s not spearheading Method’s endeavors, you can find Steve pursuing his passions as an avid skier, sailor, and climber. Beyond his professional achievements, Steve cherishes the moments spent with his loving wife and two children, creating memories in their mountain abode. With Steve at the helm, Method continues to flourish under his guidance and expertise. His unwavering commitment to quality and his passion for exceptional design sets Method apart, ensuring that our clients receive nothing less than the very best.

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